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About Me

My name is Brandi Woodhouse, I am Anishiniaabe Ikwe from Pinaymootang First Nation, in Manitoba Canada.
I am the owner of RezGal Lashes Inc. I started this small business in the summer of 2020, I wanted to provide quality lashes at an affordable price to all my sisters across Turtle Island.
I have people always ask "why did you name your lashes 'RezGal'?". I named it RezGal because I wanted to make the term 'RezGal', something we can be proud of and feel empowered by and in doing so, no one can ever shame me for where I came from, who I am and where my roots are; lastly I wanted to let all the girls like me know that being from the rez is something to be proud of.
xo RezGal